An input or output and data reception method

In ModeSMixer2 each command line option is formed from two parts, which characterize the process as an input or output and data reception method.

In General, in ModeSMixer2 exist rules of choice the options for send-receive pair couple. In any pair is always defined the roles of sides: the initiating party (master) of process and slave side. First (prefix) part – the direction:

  • <–in…> – is always indicate to data input to modesmixer2
  • <–out…> – is always indicate to data output from modesmixer2

The second part of the option – the mode:

  • <…Connect> – is always indicate to somewhere to connect itself on network – the pull or push by initiative of modesmixer2
  • <…Serial> is always indicate for connect to physical serial port (COM/USB/tty*) on the same computer and to pulling data from him
  • <…Server> is always indicate for waiting and listen the port, that data will go over the network themselves – someone took the initiative and sends or receives them to/from the modesmixer2

Default for network connections between modesmixers2 is used TCP protocol. If there is sufficient reason to use UDP protocol (low-overhead operation and reduced latency), then for him there are two special options: –outConnectUdp and –inServerUdp.
However, it is recommended to always use the TCP protocol, as it provides control the network connection, error checking and delivery validation